Vashon Aircraft Ranger

  The Vashon Ranger R7 is the first aircraft designed to fill the gap between aging, under-equipped certificated aircraft and newer but expensive Light Sport Aircraft. The Ranger is a 2-place aircraft that features rugged, full metal construction to take real world usage like flight training. It has one of the most spacious cockpits in … More Vashon Aircraft Ranger


Mooney International is set to deliver the first M20TN Acclaim Type S aircraft with a Chinese National Registration, (“B”) number, to its owner in China at the end of December.  Mooney officially received the Validation of Type Certificate (VTC) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on Dec. 9, 2014 and this will … More MOONEY INTERNATIONAL IS GRANTED VALIDATED TYPE CERTIFICATE FROM CAAC AND DELIVERS NEW M20 ACCLAIM

Cobalt Valkyrie Co50

Brand New Aircraft Design to Make World Debut at AirVenture   Cobalt Aircraft, based in France,  debuted its prototype Co50 aircraft on July 28 during AirVenture 2010. This clean-sheet design has sleek, fighter-plane features such as an under fuselage engine intake, canard, smooth contoured lines, and split-vertical stabilizers which liken it to an FA-18 or … More Cobalt Valkyrie Co50


Giuseppe Mario Bellanca (or GM) immigrated from Italy in 1911 and continued his passion for aircraft design here in the United States.  His aircraft achieved numerous endurance and efficiency records, and his plane Columbia (shown below)   was Charles Lindbergh’s first choice for a Trans-Atlantic crossing.  Lindbergh was unable to secure the plane, but 2 weeks after … More GIUSEPPE MARIO “GM” BELLANCA 1886 – 1960

Bellanca Viking: Wood, Fabric & Genius

The brainchild of an Italian designer, this classic airplane exudes a rare combination of style and substance Bill Cox, Photography by James Lawrence It’s almost inevitable that Italian airplanes are compared to Italian automobiles. You can’t look at the smooth, sculptured lines of a Marchetti SF-260 or Partenavia P68 without thinking of a Ferrari or … More Bellanca Viking: Wood, Fabric & Genius

Flight Design C4

he Flight Design C4 Click to download C4 Fact Sheet (.pdf) Follow the Progress of New C4 from Idea to Market Introduction       The Flight Design C4 is currently under development. It is expected to begin flight test in the summer of 2012 with the Continental IO-360-AF engine. Flight Design traditionally has airplanes designed for cross country … More Flight Design C4