But now a research group called Team FAST, comprising students at the Technical University Eindhoven (TUE), in the Netherlands, thinks it has the hydrogen storage problem licked.

One problem that has been plaguing the development of hydrogen-fueled vehicles is that hydrogen gas needs to be stored and transported in expensive pressurized tanks. Liquid energy carriers such as hydrogen dissolved in a salt solution are viewed as possible alternatives, but they’re also fraught with problems including the accumulation of byproducts. The simplest hydrogen carrier is water. But splitting hydrogen from […]

Drone flight powered by lightweight hydrogen-producing pellets

Drone flight powered by lightweight hydrogen-producing pellets Ben Coxworth February 8, 2016 The hydrogen-powered drone takes to the Scottish skies (Credit: SAMS). View gallery (4 images) At first glance, hydrogen fuel cells sound like a great power source for fixed-wing drones making long flights – they have much longer run times than batteries, and they […]

New Fuel Cell without Platinum changes the economics of using hydrogen

10:48 a.m., Jan. 8, 2015–A University of Delaware research team is considering the important question of what it will take to create an affordable emissions-free car. Yushan Yan leads a UD research team studying the important question of what it will take to create an affordable emissions-free vehicle. The question, an issue of engineering and […]

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, in association with Boeing, have successfully tested the first aircraft to be powered by a parallel hybrid-electric propulsion system

An aircraft with a parallel hybrid engine – the first ever to be able to recharge its batteries in flight – has been successfully tested in the UK, an important early step towards cleaner, low-carbon air travel. Although hybrid cars have been available for more than a decade, what’s been holding back the development of hybrid or […]

Project Zero” All-Electric Tilt Rotor Technology Demonstrator International Collaboration

Officially unveiled on March 4th, just prior to the Heli-Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, USA, the revolutionary AgustaWestland “Project Zero” all-electric tiltrotor technology demonstrator is the result of close collaborations with Finmeccanica companies – Selex ES, Ansaldo Breda, and Ansaldo Energia – and partner companies from Italy, U.K., U.S.A. and Japan. Dr. James Wang, Vice […]

AgustaWestland Engineers Recognized With Three Prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society Awards

The most prestigious and long-standing awards in global aerospace honouring achievement, innovation and excellence • Project Zero all-electric tiltrotor team wins another prestigious award. • Invention, design, test and certification of the Obstacle Proximity LIDAR System recognized. • Young engineer’s skills recognized. Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that its engineers exceptional work has […]

All-electric SportsStar EPOS makes maiden flight

All-electric SportsStar EPOS makes maiden flight  By James Holloway Czech light aircraft specialist Evektor-Aerotechnik has announced the maiden flight of its all-electric SportStar EPOS two-seater airplane. On March 28, the EPOS made two back-to-back flights with a combined flight time of 30 minutes. The EPOS, the name of which derives from “electric-powered small aircraft,” is powered by […]