Flying-car venture Terrafugia expands workforce


Terrafugia, the company founded in 2006 by five Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates to bring the goal of a practical flying car to life, has added 75 jobs to its workforce, is recruiting, and expects to hire 50 or more additional workers by the end of 2018.

Terrafugia TF-X image courtesy of Terrafugia.

The acquisition of Terrafugia last fall by privately held Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, a Fortune 500 company with assets “that span the automotive chain,” provided Terrafugia with resources for the expansion, Woburn, Massachusetts-based Terrafugia said in an April 10 news release.

“Technology and innovation are at the core of Terrafugia, drawing in unique talent across departments. The recent jump in staff shows our commitment to breaking ground in the emerging flying car market,” said CEO Chris Jaran, noting that a year ago, Terrafugia had fewer than 20 employees.”With [Geely Holding Group’s] leadership and innovation in the automotive space, we are able to build the team we need to meet on-time deliverables.”

Terrafugia’s ramping-up of jobs in Woburn added positions in engineering, accounting, human resources, marketing, and operations.

A new research-and-development division in Petaluma, California, where engineering designs and concepts are being created, is expected to be the site of much of the company’s future growth, the announcement said.

The company expects its first product, a two-seat, fixed-wing “roadable aircraft” called Transition, to enter the market in 2019.

Its next generation concept is the TF–2, a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft designed for cargo and passenger loadings.

Information on open positions is available on the careers page of the Terrafugia website.

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