HoneyBee G2 Gyro

Home Aircraft Training Contact About Committed to making the safest gyroplanes in the world.™   Thank you for visiting our website and for being part of the HoneyBee G2 Community! The HoneyBee G2 line of gyroplanes is the product of hard work and a pure love for the gyroplane. For those who have flown them, … More HoneyBee G2 Gyro

Gyrobee based on the Hollman Bumblebee

THE GYROBEE Don Chubb lifts the Gyrobee off for its first flight back in June of 1990. Introduction Because the Gyrobee features in so much of what I used to write for Rotorcraft magazine, it has become a rather well known aircraft. This has led to a lot of questions which I hope to answer here on the Gyrobee Page. Before I get … More Gyrobee based on the Hollman Bumblebee

Juka Tervamaki Engineering basis for several Gyro Designs

 [Home | Experimental Aircraft | Virtual Aircraft | Gyro Computation | Gyro Symposium | Composite Propeller | Hobbies| Site Map   The Home Page of Jukka Tervamaki Helsinki, Finland     Experimenting, creating, designing and building has been everyday work as well as a hobby for me for four decades. I studied aircraft engineering but ended up working with many other kinds of projects in addition to a … More Juka Tervamaki Engineering basis for several Gyro Designs

Magni Gyrocopter

WHO WE ARE Magni Gyro company, born from Vittorio Magni’s deep knowledge and passion for the rotating wing systems, nowadays has a quite important role in the world of gyros; Magni’s products are worldwide renowned for offering reliability and safety. Magni’s gyroplanes are exported worldwide and they are used both for sport recreational flight and for … More Magni Gyrocopter


  The ArrowCopter AC20 – why compromise? Home Details Arrow-Configurator Gallery FAQ Newsletter Contact us Downloads Most things in life require compromises in which you settle for less than expected. We believe in choices rather than compromises. You have the choice to fly any gyrocopter. And you have the choice to fly the ultimate in … More Arrow-Copter


  Home MTOsport Calidus Cavalon Gyroplanes Locations & Partners Company Downloads Service & Maintenance News Online Shop 17.01.2013 15:45 Uhr : New AutoGyro partner gets registration! We have a new sales partner in Slovenia, who starts directly with a great success. Without taking detours, he already received the official registration for the Calidus in Slovenia … More AutoGyro