e-GO Simulator

Now you can try the e-Go for yourself. It features a stunning 3D cockpit and graphics developed by Hal Parfitt-Murray.


We’ve used x-plane because it has a comprehensive mathematical model of the airplane. This means that it gives representative handling throughout the envelope, including low speed handling (e.g. stalls) and manoeuvres such as side-slips.


You must obtain a copy of x-plane, as well as the e-Go download, as the e-Go files run within x-plane.


X-plane is available here. It costs $29 at the time of writing and it’s only available as a shipped set of 6 DVDs (but this does give you scenery covering the whole globe…) . Or you can use the free demo version, which allows you 10 minutes flying each time. Check out the system requirements on their web-site – but it can run on quite basic machines, including most PCs, Macs and Linux computers. You can use anything from mouse and keyboard up to a full set of joystick, throttle and rudders.


Once loaded, update x-plane to the latest version (9.41) as there’s a problem with earlier versions.


Our download is free, and you can use it as you wish (including copying to others) as long as you include “www.e-Go.me” and “Hal Parfitt-Murray” in any image or publication, and you don’t receive any money for it.


Now you’re ready to download the simulator, which is in a zip file. (e-Go.zip  11.7Mb)





The contents are all in one folder. Simply find your main x-plane directory and move this folder to the aircraft folder. A few more things:


  1. 1.First load e-Go by using Aircraft/Open Aircraft and selecting e-Go
  2. 2.Select Aircraft/Weight and Fuel and slide the payload bar to your flying weight (maximum is about 100Kg/220lb)
  3. 3.If you haven’t used x-plane before, and you’re using a joystick, you’ll need to set up your controls under Settings/Joystick & Equipment. Go to About/Instructions to see how it’s done
  4. 4.e-Go has differential foot brakes, which you can assign to your rudder pedals or drive from the keyboard
  5. 5.e-Go has air-brakes, triggered by deflecting both rudders outwards simultaneously. Press 4 to activate them and 3 to retract them – or assign spare buttons to control them.


Then you’re ready to go. The default airport is Innsbruck. Great scenery but quite high, so performance is a bit sluggish. Do step outside the cockpit before you fly (key A) and use the arrowand +/- keys to look around the plane. Zoom in close to see the full 3D cockpit and pilot. Now move the controls and see what happens….


When you’ve tried it do go to the e-Go forum here, and discuss how you got on.

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