The Belite ProCub Lite™


The ProCub Lite is a really cool aircraft that looks and feels like a nostalgic J3 Cub, but flies under ultralight rules. We paid attention to visual details: the look of the tail, the sweep of the wingtips. We also paid attention to technical details: the strength and lightness of the structure, the aerodynamics of the wing shape, the ease of manufacture (or kit building.)


The ProCub Lite works with an old fashioned 4-stroke engine, with proper nostalgic sound and great fuel economy. It also works with a state-of-the art, water-cooled (no seizure) 2-stroke engine with gear reduction. All the engines have dual ignition, if you want it. It takes off very quickly. You can get airborne in 200 feet; perhaps 100 feet in a nice breeze. You can land in less.

We monster sized the wheels to tundra class so it could handle the off road and off ai port destinations you want to go to. Maybe this is the aircraft you need to explore your favorite breakfast destination.


There are many technical points within this new design. The most unusual are as follows:

  • The rear fuselage is manufactured using CNC cut foam with embedded aluminum or carbon fiber longerons and supports. The resulting structure is surprisingly smooth.
  • For safety and ease of assembly, the cabin is manufactured from Belite’s crash-proven CNC aluminum structure.
  • The wing is manufactured either from classic spar and rib construction, or from CNC cut foam. All wings feature the rounded Hoerner wingtips.
  • When the CNC cut foam is selected for the wing, the overall look of the wing is nearly absolutely smooth, eliminating drag and providing a stunning visual appearance.
  • The turtledeck (upper rear fuselage) is also CNC cut foam, and provides a completely smooth, aerodynamic structure complete with nostalgic half moon windows.

The aircraft has been engineered to support a new engine, the Polini Thor 250 with water cooling, geared reduction and 36.5 HP. The flight testing has already documented extraordinary takeoff performance.


New processes were developed to further decrease weight and allow for a more functional aircraft. The rear fuselage is constructed of foam and carbon fiber. The cabin is all aluminum. Tailfeathers, flaperons and turtledeck are also carbon fiber/foam. Wings include rounded wingtip cut from CNC foam. Choose either classic rib and spar construction or continuous foam surface.

Foam/carbon fiber rear fuselage
Powdercoated aluminum cabin

Here’s something extraordinary: a foam / aluminum / carbon fiber wing, under construction. Spot the aluminum ribs, if you can. But you can’t. They are well hidden in the 3-dimensional design.

Rounded wingtip construction
Turtledeck construction of foam

Here is our carbon fiber seatback fuel tank, hinged for easy access. Easy access behind the seat for storage and for inspection of the various linkages!


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