Cobalt Valkyrie Co50

Brand New Aircraft Design to Make World Debut at AirVenture

Cobalt Aircraft, based in France,  debuted its prototype Co50 aircraft on July 28 during AirVenture 2010. This clean-sheet design has sleek, fighter-plane features such as an under fuselage engine intake, canard, smooth contoured lines, and split-vertical stabilizers which liken it to an FA-18 or Su-27. The rear-mounted engine will house a TCM twin turbo capable of 350 horsepower, which according to the company will power Co50 to a speed of 245 knots at 8,000 ft msl. Cobalt also claims the 5-place certified aircraft will have a 600-nm range with a full load of passengers.

Cobalt says it designed the Co50 with the business pilot in mind and aims to offer a production certified aircraft providing speed, luxury, and comfort that can compete with the airlines on short and medium business trips. Cobalt is highlighting the aircraft’s ergonomic interior design features such as luxurious seats, FADEC (Fully Automated Digital Electronic Control), and flight control and instrument panel positioning to reduce pilot workload and fatigue.

The prototype is nearing completion and Cobalt will begin its joint EASA/FAA certification program which is expected to last two years. The aircraft will be assembled in France for European customers and a U.S. manufacturing location is still being negotiated. Learn more at

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