Flight Design C4

he Flight Design C4

Click to download C4 Fact Sheet (.pdf)

Follow the Progress of New C4 from Idea to Market Introduction 


   The Flight Design C4 is currently under development. It is expected to begin flight test in the summer of 2012 with the Continental IO-360-AF engine. Flight Design traditionally has airplanes designed for cross country performance with the ever-popular CTsw and the class leading CTLS, so our focus with C4 was to provide utility, certification, and high useful loads. The Avionics selection is underway and the plane is expected to begin deliveries in about 2 years.
   The target price is $250,000 (€ 220.000) with a 1200 Mi Range and a 1320 lb useful load. Early Bird delivery positions are available NOW and you may secure one with a refundable $7000 deposit that will  save you $10,000. This program will end with the prototype flight test.
   The most recent photographs of C4 full scale and the Interior mock up at Aero 2012 are shown here:

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