Synergy Aircraft Project at Kickstarter


We’re building the proof that an airplane can be awesome, comfortable, and incredibly efficient all at the same time. Please join us to become part of an exciting grassroots project that’s already making history!

Synergy: A bold new future for aviation.

In this second century of flight, we believe that ordinary families should have fast options to travel where they want, when they want, in quiet safety, with better economy than a car. Without the exhausting airport hassle.

That’s not how it is right now. Existing ‘direct travel’ airplanes are extremely expensive, incredibly cramped, noisy gas guzzlers; most of them three decades old. On the other hand, they’re powerful time machines; essential to modern business and a lot of fun to fly!

This project is about demonstrating a phenomenal new way to tackle the whole problem. If airplanes are to re-connect with their potential customers- or their potential to society- they desperately need an update.  Almost everything else in modern life has developed well beyond the elite-yet-obsolete standard of personal air travel.

We think that in addition to all the best new technology, airplanes should provide, at a minimum:

  • Way more room.
  • quiet, smooth ride… with a view!
  • Far greater economy, using better fuels.
  • Easier operation.
  • Greatly reduced travel time.
  • True passenger safety.
  • Far lower price.
  • Quiet, friendly, neighborhood manners.
  • Adaptability to hybrid, electric, and advanced engine technologies.

Synergy can deliver all of the above – and much more – through innovative solutions that work in greater harmony with the invisible physics of flight.

What it means:

Synergy doesn’t just look amazing, it truly is amazing:  the first systematic use of six proven breakthroughs for major drag reduction. These principles haven’t been put together in a form simple enough to deliver their liberating potential… until now.

Designed to show ten times the fuel economy of a small jet at ten percent of the cost, Synergy not only offers fast, fun, direct transportation (in comfort above the weather) but also greater range and the ability to land at safer, slower speeds on local airfields. In its category it is widely considered the most promising aircraft design yet seen.

What we’re doing:

We’re building the real thing, using the expert craftsmanship of three generations of the McGinnis family, CNC machines, carbon fiber composites, volunteers from all over the world, and powerful engineering software. Team leader John McGinnis is a senior member of the AIAA and a recognized aircraft designer among the EAA. This roomy five-seat prototype will join the amazing 25% scale electric prototype already flying.

How does it work?

Synergy’s stable-flying double box tail shape is not a bouncy “box wing” type, it’s a modern magic carpet: a key to using super-advanced drag reduction principles in a lighter, simpler, and more economical way.

There’s a lot more fluid science in this diesel-powered propfan than meets the eye, and our unveiling seems to have touched a nerve with aeronautical gurus, NASA scientists, and nervous flyers alike. Synergy was named Most Innovative by Sport Aviation magazine almost as soon as it became public.

No, how does Kickstarter work?  🙂

A project sets a funding goal, and people pledge contributions in exchange for corresponding rewards. If we don’t reach our goal, we get nothing and your pledges are not collected. Some Kickstarter campaigns generate many times their project goal by being timely, worthy, and relevant. We sincerely hope to do the same. Our minimum goal only completes this phase of construction, but with greater funding we can literally soar into action! Now that we have reached our minimum, every dollar raised advances us that much farther into completion of the tail section, cowling doors, wing tooling, and control systems.

Is this a big deal? I can’t tell why this is really all that different from other sleek designs.

Yes, it is. Synergy is a leap forward! All true progress strains against convention though, and there is a lot to discover here. Besides creating ‘stability and control through induced drag reduction’, Synergy uses its power not only to make thrust, but to actually reduce drag. It goes faster while carrying more payload at a speed range that has eluded true efficiency so far.

Most people, even in aeronautics, are not versed well enough in ‘powered drag reduction’ methods to successfully evaluate Synergy without flight test results,which is what we want to give them. For technical reasons, CFD software and wind tunnels don’t really cut it at this level. But over the last year, serious students of aerodynamics, all over the world, have begun to realize that Synergy affects everything we know.

Synergy is not about looks, or streamlining, or even the fabulous benefits of its unique shape. It’s about going beyond all that.

What do you hope to accomplish?

To erase the artificial limits that make airplanes expensive, uncomfortable, and unwelcome. The practical, 5-seat Synergy prototype is designed toconclusively demonstrate stellar performance for this configuration, by way of professional flight testing at full scale, and to be produceable in volume at low cost.

An excited public already awaits. Since we ‘lit the fuse’ with our 25% scale model, enthusiasts everywhere want us to finish the real thing,now! Construction is well underway, but we need your help to reach the finish line.  

What does my backing pay for?

Your support helps provide component design and systems engineering, contract labor, tooling, equipment, and materials. This a pioneering effort that deserves our full time focus.

It’s important that we set achievable targets and keep making progress on a project of this scope.

Our modest funding goal supplies our minimum needs, which is to maintain present work output until our next milestone is reached in September.  By then we expect to have completion in sight and enough momentum to fund the last push. The next milestone puts us ‘on the wheels’ and ‘powered up’, even if the total raised by this campaign doesn’t cover all the remaining costs.

The power of Kickstarter is to birth great projects, and frankly this technology grows up to be the most promising transportation development I’ve seen in my lifetime. Your passion above and beyond ‘project life support’ will not only stabilize and accelerate our schedule, it could help nudge an entire industry in the right direction. Our new, informal, goal was set at $165,000 when it became clear that it was possible to aim there.

We have to complete the entire project in less than a year to maintain our preferred timeline, and although the total cost of that effort dwarfs what we expect to raise in this campaign, the high profile push this crowd has given us will almost certainly bear fruit in new opportunities, connections, and resources.

Obviously, getting from ‘a project in our garage’ to a finished one in your hangar involves serious business development and millions of investment dollars. This is not about that just yet. We don’t believe in hyping ‘vaporware’.

We do believe that further success is achieved through diligence, integrity, capital, and teamwork, one well-planned step at a time. When we’ve proven our premise, the industry will be as close to cranking out Synergi as we’ve come from our first napkin sketch.

By backing Synergy through its most vulnerable phase, you’re filling the gap between concept and reality that has kept basic aircraft design stagnant for a lifetime.

Kickstarters, thank you sincerely for cranking this project to life! Every pledge counts, and every recommendation to others counts even more!!!

Help us show the world what a fast, sexy, futuristic fuel-sipper can do!


  • Can there be more than one pilot? I think people would feel safer if there was side-by-side seating.
  • What is the projected price and availability for the kit?
  • Do you have any plans to offer a smaller, two place version? The five place is impressive, but size and power required would drive the price out of most people’s range. Most of the pilots I fly with never carry more that two passengers anyhow.
  • What are the basic airframe and performance specs? Weight, air speeds, engine power, etc?
ASK A QUESTIONHave a question? If the info above doesn’t help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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