Model 580 Bullet Airship

The Information Age involves more than computers. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and unmanned aerial system (UAS) are widely used in government and commercial applications that range from surveillance to marketing campaigns. E-GreenTechnologies uses experience and innovation to manufacture lighter-than-air vehicles (Airships) and provide efficient, affordable solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Applications include

  • Defense and Homeland Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Natural Resources
  • Agriculture Assessments
  • Forest Fire Monitoring
  • Advertising

and more — at a lower operational cost per hour than a conventional airplane or helicopter.

  • Approximate length = 230 feet
  • Specially manufactured in various lengths to meet sustained altitude and payload requirements.
  • Maneuverable‚ÄĒvertical takeoff/descent; capable of reversing directions.
  • Diesel-powered generators provide a power budget for payloads exceeding 4kw.
  • Payload bays designed for easy access and modification.
  • Dual-redundant flight control system for manned and unmanned operation.
  • Ground Control Systems and data links provide full control during unmanned operation.
  • Water Condensate Recovery System reduces need for helium replenishment.

Preparing to Fly

Prototype 125-ft Bullet Airship preparing for flight.
Bullet 580 in flight

Prototype 125-ft Bullet Airship in flight.
1/10 Scale Mmodel

1/10 scale model
Soccer Ball Airship Flight Part 1

Bullet Class 580 Airship Test Inflation

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