Bell’s future air taxi concept

The future of urban air taxi is closer than you think.

This unique interaction with Bell’s future air taxi concept will demonstrate how you can stay connected to every aspect of your life – from takeoff to landing – all while saving your most precious resource: time. This is one experience you won’t want to miss.


Saving your most precious resource: Time.

Bell has been moving people over urban obstacles for decades with traditional rotorcraft. Now we’re expanding the scope of air travel and aviation technology to advance life’s conveniences. From shaving precious minutes off a cross-town commute for your cannot-miss meeting to that last-minute tee time with friends (with room for your clubs!) – Bell’s on-demand Urban Air Taxi concept makes the previously unthinkable a viable solution to your busy life.


Class-leading comforts compliment a tech-forward cabin to deliver the seamless, connected experience far exceeding your typical ground-bound rideshare. With a full suite of connectivity technologies such as video calling, wifi, artificial intelligence and wireless charging, passengers of Bell’s Urban Air Taxi will have the option to fully maximize their airtime – already a fraction of their ground-bound commute – or to just relax and enjoy the view of the world below.



Bell Air Taxi



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