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But now a research group called Team FAST, comprising students at the Technical University Eindhoven (TUE), in the Netherlands, thinks it has the hydrogen storage problem licked.

One problem that has been plaguing the development of hydrogen-fueled vehicles is that hydrogen gas needs to be stored and transported in expensive pressurized tanks. Liquid energy carriers such as hydrogen dissolved in a salt solution are viewed as possible alternatives, but they’re also fraught with problems including the accumulation of byproducts. The simplest hydrogen carrier is water. But splitting hydrogen from […]

Drone flight powered by lightweight hydrogen-producing pellets

Drone flight powered by lightweight hydrogen-producing pellets Ben Coxworth February 8, 2016 The hydrogen-powered drone takes to the Scottish skies (Credit: SAMS). View gallery (4 images) At first glance, hydrogen fuel cells sound like a great power source for fixed-wing drones making long flights – they have much longer run times than batteries, and they […]