The Eclipse Jet Experience Tour


Eclipse is coming to a town near you, and will have the Eclipse twin-engine jet with them. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to see and fly the most technologically advanced light jet aircraft in general aviation.

The Eclipse Jet Experience involves spending time with an Eclipse representative who will teach you about the Eclipse jet and an Eclipse pilot who will help you fly the aircraft. The first hour is an overview of the Eclipse Jet systems and avionics on the ground. You will learn how to operate the Avio IFMS, the fully integrated flight management system that comes standard with every Eclipse Jet. You will see the advantages of this system towards reducing pilot workload and increasing the overall safety of flight.

The second hour of the Eclipse Jet Experience consists of 45-50 minutes of flight time in the aircraft. While flying the Eclipse Jet, you will sit in the pilot’s seat and acquire a foundational understanding of the aircraft from a qualified Eclipse instructor pilot.

The cost for the Eclipse Jet Experience is $750 per flight (up to 3 people). This cost will be deducted from your aircraft purchase price. Find the city nearest you and schedule your Experience flight today. If you cannot make it during the times listed below, please EMAIL US and we will do everything we can to make arrangements.
Click on the city name below to reveal the airport, FBO, maps, and registration information

02.13.13 – 02.14.13

Charlotte, NC


Raleigh, NC

02.17.13 – 02.18.13

Reno, NV

02.19.13 – 02.21.13

Salt Lake City, UT

02.22.13 – 02.23.13

Scottsdale, AZ

  • Airport: Scottsdale Municipal Airport
  • Static and Demos launched from LANDMARK AVIATION SEE ON MAP
  • Demo flights will be available: Fri 02.22 thru Sat 02.23 from 7am-5:30pm
  • Aircraft will be on static display: By Appointment
  • Register for the Eclipse Jet Experience

Port Orange, FL


Daytona Beach, FL

02.24.13 – 02.26.13

Las Vegas, NV

02.27.13 – 03.01.13

Long Beach, CA


Charleston, SC


Kinston, NC


Raleigh, NC


Winston-Salem, NC


Concord, NC


Roanoke, VA

03.22.13 – 03.24.13

St. Louis, MO


Richmond, VA


Manassas, VA


Norfolk, VA

06.05.13 – 06.07.13

White Plains, NY

07.10.13 – 07.12.13

Denver, CO

09.11.13 – 09.13.13

Chicago/Waukegan, IL

If you would like to see a Demo in a city closer to your location, please EMAIL US and we will try to arrange a flight for you.


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