HoneyBee G2 Gyro

Committed to making the safest gyroplanes in the world.™


Thank you for visiting our website and for being part of the HoneyBee G2 Community!

The HoneyBee G2 line of gyroplanes is the product of hard work and a pure love for the gyroplane. For those who have flown them, you understand what I mean…there is nothing like flying gyroplanes! For those who are new to this type of aircraft, please come and experience this thrill in one of the G2 Two Place Tandems. You will never get over it!


These web pages will provide you with general information and the technical side of the HoneyBee G2 line. New PDF files on each G2 Model are available on the associated webpages to accommodate most of your needs in these areas. We’ve added information about available OPTIONS by aircraft on each page.

The HoneyBee G2 Blog:

The latest NEWS and ACTIVITIES can be found on our blog, easily accessed by clicking on the Blogger Icon above.

Enclosure Update:

Click on the enclosure picture above to view a video tour of enclosure ideas on YouTube.


For those that have flight training experience, you are familiar with the struggle to adapt to your own gyro’s control locations and performance differences after training in a gyro that is nothing like your own. The Revision “C” Frames have totally addressed those issues. “Control Imprinting” is a HUGE part of our training platforms on the G2 Line for 2012.


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