Juka Tervamaki Engineering basis for several Gyro Designs

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Jukka Tervamaki


Experimenting, creating, designing and building has been everyday work as well as a hobby for me for four decades. I studied aircraft engineering but ended up working with many other kinds of projects in addition to a number of aircraft.
Designing and building something of your own gives far greater satisfaction than just buying a similar unit. I have seen this satisfaction on the face of many friends who have successfully completed a project like a boat, guitar, house or a work of art. This also applies very much to builders of homebuilt aircraft.
Getting a prototype ready and running is a great joy. With experimental aircraft this means a test flight and that’s an adventure to say the least. Several Finns seek this goal every year. There are about 280 experimental homebuilt aircraft and ultralights in the Finnish register at the moment. This is a fair number in a country of five million people. A comparable number for the US population would be 14000 homebuilts and ultralights.
Most of the homebuilts in Finland have been made from imported drawings or kits, but there are also many original Finnish designs. These pages tell the story of my aviation-related design projects. In addition, there are several pages on aircraft concepts which I have modeled and rendered with the latest art of computer-aided design. Finally there are some family related pages.
Experimental Projects of my Life
3D-Modeling and Virtual Aircraft
Movies and Animation
Making a Composite Propeller
Gyro Performance Computation
Autogyro Safety Page Pitch Instability
Magni Gyro Nordic OY Ltd

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