Hanxing: Glasair Acquisition Complete

By Glenn Pew, Contributing Editor, Video Editor

Zhuhai Hanxing General Aviation Co. Ltd. of China has completed its 100 percent takeover of Washington-based Glasair Aviation LLC, and now plans to introduce some of Glasair’s technology to its operations in China, ChinaDaily reported Thursday. The company made the announcements at the 9th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, earlier this month. Details of how Glasair’s technology would be applied to Hanxing’s aircraft manufacturing operations in China remain unclear. Glasair’s production line includes the popular Sportsman, a design the Chinese group has previously said it would certify and could serve well in China as a trainer or personal aircraft. The successful expansion of private aviation in China may be dependent on economic conditions, there, and further changes to how China manages access to the its airspace.

A gasoline powered design is reportedly in the works from Glasair. A prior news release from Hanxing stated that “there are no plans to relocate or terminate any existing Glasair Aviation employees” and the company’s U.S. headquarters would remain in the U.S.. Glasair is among several aviation companies that have been acquired by Chinese owners, including Cirrus Aircraft. A recent deal between Hawker Beechcraft and Chinese interests fell through. Hanxing has previously said it would ramp up investment in customer support and new development. That intent may be directly tied to forecasts that as many as 1000 new airports will be built across China over the next five years. Again, other factors may influence that rate of expansion. The country is currently involved in the gradual opening its low-altitude airspace to privately operated aircraft and has announced its intention to improve its aviation infrastructure.

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