Private jet travel pitched at first-class price

Travel in private aircraft like this Embraer 300 is being offered at deep discounts by Jumpjets.

On-demand private jet travel from 40 cities to 500 U.S. airports will soon be an option for prices starting at an average of less than $3,000 per round trip flight, thanks to patent-pending scheduling software developed by a California company.

Jumpjet, a “membership-based luxury travel club,” announced its launch Oct. 1, offering immediate membership purchase for flights that begin Nov. 1. Reservations will be taken starting Oct. 15. Among the perks, travel in a vast array of modern bizjets operated by charter companies and subject to third-party safety auditing. Concierge service—able to handle travel arrangements including dinner reservations, pet care, and more—is part of the membership package, with standard packages priced starting at $2,350 per month ($28,200 per year) for up to 10 round-trip flights within a 1,750-mile range. A Coast to Coast Elite package, with unlimited range within the United States, costs $5,550 per month, or $66,600 per year. Members are also allowed to grab available seats on scheduled Jumpjets flights at no additional charge, and companion tickets can be had for $1,250 to $2,000 per guest.

“With the membership model’s accessible price point, we anticipate the launch of Jumpjet will bring new customers to private aviation, supporting the charter industry and operators as a whole,” said Jumpjet Founder and CEO Will Ashcroft in a company news release.

Another perk: Members can lollygag a little, arriving just 15 minutes prior to departure with no security checkpoint line to wait in.

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