Solar Impulse lands safely in Madrid

After a flight lasting approximately 17 hours, the HB-SIA prototype has finally landed in Madrid-Barajas airport at 01:28:50AM. The pilot, André Borschberg, made his way out of the cockpit, smiley and certainly happy to stretch his legs.

“The flight went very well and thanks to the team of meteorologists, everything went according to the plan: it was extraordinary” Said André Borschberg “It was incredible to fly alongside the barrier of clouds during most of the flight and not need to hesitate to fly above them. This confirms our confidence in the capacity of solar energy even further.”

It was a long and demanding flight and thanks to the active engagement of the team in Payerne, Solar Impulse was able negotiate a slightly earlier landing slot. With some initial turbulence, it was becoming difficult to envisage the expected holding of over two hours around the airport. However, in the last hour or so, the winds settled clearing the way for the HB-SIA to land freely.

This, and future international landings, are a good way for the Solar Impulse team to practice coordination and cooperation with international airports for fine-tuning of logistics, maintenance and facing challenges of air traffic patterns.

Flight Report:

Take-off time 08h24 UTC+2

Landing time 01h28min50s

Fight duration : 17h 3min 50s

Average ground speed : 89 km/h

Highest altitude reached : 8’500 m (27’000 feet)


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