Aero-TV: L-3 Avionics’s GH-3900 — A Whole New Attitude

L-3 Continues Pushing The Envelope For Standby Instrumentation

During ANN’s amazing sweep through all the news that came about as a result of the extraordinary week that was AEA’s 2012 Convention and trade Show, we saw some truly amazing gear. One of the more intriguing introductions came with L-3 Avionics Systems announcement their updated and enhanced GH-3900 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS).

With added features and a new/lower price, the GH-3900 ESIS is “capable of satisfying airworthiness requirements for almost any transport category fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft. Rendering all the important cues on a sunlight-readable 3-inch display, the instrument is a more precise and information-rich standby than traditional analog instruments.”

With a customizable layout, GH series instruments can be modified to match a wide range of primary systems, giving pilots a familiar reference by which to fly the aircraft. Hardware enhancements include a variety of air data and heading input selections, as well as optional built-in accelerometers that provide external LRUs with relative data. Sensor and air data advancements, along with more efficient printed circuit board designs provide for a smaller and lighter form factor with increased reliability. make the instrument a more customizable and affordable standby solution.

L-3 Avionics Systems is one of six companies in the L-3 Aviation Products business sector and offers a broad range of products and services.



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