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Pipistrel Virus SW

Virus SW – Overview LSA Accepted     Additional Information >> Overview Technical Data FAQ Manuals Price Lists 35′ 1½“ wingspan Glide ratio 17:1 120 knots with Rotax 912 80hp 120 knots with Rotax 912 100hp 3.0 gph at 120 knots Up to 7.5 hours endurance Available in tail dragger or nosewheel configuration Great for slope soaring or […]

Is Bombardier Flying Under The Radar Of Aerospace Investors?

Bombardier (BDRBF.PK) is a Canadian train and airplane manufacturer, which trades under the symbols BBD.A and BBD.B on the Toronto Stock Exchange. According to its most recent annual report for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2011, and an investor fact sheet provided by the company, Bombardier is the third largest civil airplane manufacturer in the world. The report […]

Cessna and AVIC Join Forces to Develop General and Business Aviation in China

Cessna Wants To Build Jets In China Email this article |Print this article By Russ Niles, Editor-in-Chief       Cessna announced today it intends to build business jets in China in a joint venture with Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) as part of a future plan to potentially build the entire Cessna line of aircraft in China. […]

India to build a hunter-killer UAV fleet; UAVs will come from Israel

Published 9 April 2010 Share| India is set to augment its fleet of reconnaissance UAVs with killer-hunter UAVs; the Indian military has been impressed with the effectiveness of the UAV campaign against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and wants to adopt the same approach to India’s problem with Muslim terrorists; Israel, which sold India […]

Bi-plane to revive supersonic travel

Published 19 March 2012 Researchers say that the best way to revive supersonic air travel – which came to an end with the retirement of the Concorde in 2003 – would be by building a plane with two wings to a side; computer models show that a bi-plan produces significantly less drag than a conventional single-wing aircraft […]

World first GPS goggles with head mounted display

Leave a comment / Edit By Paul Ridden Zeal/Recon have unveiled the world’s first goggles with GPS and head mounted display A coming together of sports lens developer Zeal Optics and display innovator Recon Instruments has managed to successfully squeeze both GPS technology and head-mounted display into a set of ski goggles named Transcend. A tiny computer gathers information […]

NASA’s AR headset lets pilots see through fog

By Jonathan Fincher 06:49 March 16, 2012   NASA Langley researcher Kevin Shelton wearing an early prototype (Credit: NASA Langley Research Center/Sean Smith) Image Gallery (2 images) NASA has developed a pair of augmented reality glasses designed especially for commercial airline pilots to see during the worst visual conditions. The glasses include a heads-up display showing a […]