Ahrlac – Reconnaissance Aircraft

The Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC) is a revolutionary new South African-designed and developed aircraft, destined for a significant role in a wide range of civilian and military tasks around the world.

Click here for the AHRLAC Fact Sheet

Click here for the AHRLAC Technical Specification Document

Developed by Africa’s largest privately held defence company, Paramount Group, and aeronautical engineering and manufacturing experts Aerosud, AHRLAC is set to take the aviation market by storm, challenging dominant Western manufacturers with its low acquisition cost, reduced requirement for maintenance support and extensive operational capabilities.

AHRLAC offers a highly flexible form of “clip-on-clip-off” payload system which enables it to be transformed quickly between operational roles. It can stay in the air for seven to 10 hours, making it the ideal solution for patrolling large land areas, borders and oceans.

The two-crew aircraft can carry out a wide range of operations including surveillance, policing, border/coastal patrol and anti-smuggling; armed patrol and counter insurgency operations; disaster relief and emergency supply to remote areas; and intelligence gathering.

Key features of AHRLAC include:

  • Compact size
  • High wing for crew visibility and better field operation
  • Low purchase and operation costs
  • Simplified logistic support
  • High cruise and dash speeds (maximum cruise speed is 300 knots)
  • Payload capacity in excess of 800kg with full fuel and two crew
  • Large operating range (1 150 nautical miles on internal fuel)• Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capability, including from unprepared landing grounds, with a take-off distance 550m with full payload
  • Self-protection counter measures
  • Optional ejection seats
  • Light attack capability with 20mmm cannon, rocket pods and beyond visual range air-to-air and air-to ground missiles across four to six wing hard points



One thought on “Ahrlac – Reconnaissance Aircraft

  1. A very sturdy and multi-role air craft, with good endurance capability. I have a different design of an air platform, capable to replace in future the inefficient hover crafts. I would like to have your company develop my concept, as this has a very different role, both on land and on sea. a ship borne capable aircraft with no long runways needed. Landing in tight locations, My location is Toronto, Canada.

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