Extra 500

Why choose the EXTRA 500?

  • Sporting heritage in a Business Tourer
  • Manufactured entirely from composites, unique in its class
  • Stability and aerodynamic efficiency
  • Low running costs (fuel and maintenance cost)
  • Safety – certified to latest and highest standards
  • Hi-Tech made in Germany
Stepping into an EA-500 is stepping into luxury. The impressively large six-seater cabin makes traveling the ultimate experience in comfort, and an ergonomically arranged cockpit and state-of-the-art avionics ensure that you have the best at your fingertips. It’s also one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make. Our engineers have found that perfect balance of power and weight to make the advanced carbon-fiber EXTRA 500 the most cost effective single-engine turboprop aircraft available.Traveling has never been this good.
  • Carbon fibre fuselage
  • lightning protection
  • carbon fiber wing assembly with integral tank
  • de-ice protection – Goodrich pneum. Estane / Teflon boots
  • dual side heated pitot tubes and stall vane
  • pilot side heated windscreen
  • heated propeller
  • pressurized cabin (5,5psi)
  • certified FL 250
Composites Benefits
  • Lighter structure for same strength
  • allows more design flexibility
    • – more complex and efficient airfoil
    • – compact engine
    • – greater fuel efficiency
    • – increased safety margins
  • lower maintenance costs than aluminium
  • easier to make and assemble complex parts
  • lower cost for better capabilities, comfort and technology

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