Moraine Saulnier 100th Birthday and progenitor for TBM 850


In 1911, Aeroplanes Morane-Saulnier Company, predecessor of DAHER-SOCATA, was created by pioneer aviators Morane Brothers and engineer Raymond Saulnier. Since, the company has registered numerous aviation milestones:
1911: a Morane-Saulnier airplane wins the first World Air Race.
1913: first air crossing over the Mediterranean Sea by a Morane-Saulnier H-Type
1954: launch of the “MS760 “Paris”, the first four-seat business jet .
1990: certification of the TBM 700, the first civilian pressurized single engine turboprop.

After 100 years of existence, the company built high quality of manufacturing and great handling capabilities airplanes. This legacy was continuously maintained by DAHER-SOCATA through its productions and especially through its most recent one, the Very Fast Turboprop TBM 850.
In line with the prestigious roots of its aircraft manufacturing activity and among many other celebrations, DAHER-SOCATA has introduced a Special Limited Edition of the TBM 850.
This countdown is the symbol of a Century dedicated to customer’s satisfaction, from the early Morane-Saulnier monoplanes to the current TBM 850.
Today DAHER-SOCATA supports an active fleet of nearly 6,000 airplanes all over the world, of which some are more than 50 years old. To achieve these goals, DAHER-SOCATA develops many customers service activities, including avionics retrofits and other modernization works.

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