The Eclipse 550 Jet


The most efficient jet on the planet just got better. Introducing the Eclipse 550 from Eclipse Aerospace. The Eclipse 550 will be a technologically advanced, twin-engine jet aircraft with a design that utilizes the same airframe and power plant as the popular EA-500 model, along with significant innovations in most aircraft systems designed to improve overall operations, direct operating costs, technology, comfort, and performance.

The Eclipse 550’s enhancements will include expanded aircraft computer systems and integrated avionics package, which will now support features such as Synthetic Vision, Enhanced Vision, dual-mode FMS, TAWS, TCAS-1, ADS-B, on-board color radar, Radar Altimeter, and iPad data entry integration.

In addition, Eclipse Aerospace will become the first in its industry to offer Auto-Throttles as an option for the Eclipse 550.

Uncompromising Safety

Eclipse Jets deliver you safely and comfortably between destinations quickly and efficiently. With the new Eclipse 550 Jet, you will fly safely above the weather at altitudes of 41,000 feet while maintaining a speed of up to 425 mph. You will be in a jet equipped for Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) and with a new, fully integrated avionics system, Avio IFMS, that acts as a virtual co-pilot, lessening pilot workload. You will also have the ability for Auto Throttles, Synthetic Vision, and Enhanced Vision, providing additional situational awareness in flight.

  • 41,000 ft ceiling
  • Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI)
  • Avio Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS)


Eclipse set out to design the most cost-efficient, technologically advanced jet aircraft in the world — and we succeeded.

We now take this incredible design to a new level, adding industry leading technology such as a Redundant Flight Management Systems, Auto Throttles, Synthetic Vision, and Enhanced Vision.

Expanded Features

Dual (Redundant) Flight Management Systems (FMS)
Auto Throttles
Synthetic Vision
Enhanced Vision
Color Radar
TCAS (Traffic Alerting System)
Radar Altimeter
Part 135 Package (Includes 3rdAHRS)
ADS-B Enclosed
Iridium Phone
iPad Entertainment System
EASA (includes ADF and DME)
Customized Paint

Buy Today and Save

Save time. Save energy. Save money now and every time you start the engines. Eclipse Aerospace brought together the most innovative minds in aviation and they have created an aircraft that truly delivers. It’s fast. It’s efficient. It’s quiet and comfortable. It’s safe and reliable. And it can be yours today.

Contact us to find out how to purchase an Eclipse 550 Jet.

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