Construction to begin on Indianapolis International Airport  
solar farm 
Local firms will play key part in creation of one of the largest airport solar 
farms in North America 
INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) announced today that it has 
selected ET Energy Solutions, LLC to develop a solar farm on Indianapolis International 
Airport property. The company is a joint venture (JV) between three locally based firms 
which bid on the project: Johnson-Melloh Solutions, Schmidt Associates, and Telamon 
Corporation. Telamon, a Minority Business Enterprise, is 50 percent owner of the JV.  
Under the terms of the agreement, ET Energy Solutions will finance, design, construct, and 
operate the facility on land leased from the IAA. The local group will work in conjunction 
with SANYO North America Corporation, a global leader in solar energy technology and 
development, which will provide panels for the project and assist with arranging financing.  
Design and utility interconnection studies are already underway, and weather permitting, 
construction could begin as early as fourth quarter of 2011. The solar farm, which will be 
one of the largest airport-based solar farms in North America, is expected to become 
operational starting in mid-2012. The facility will include more than 41,000 solar panels, 
which will be installed on ground-mounted racking systems that will fill nearly 60 acres of 
land near the airport exit from I-70. 
The solar farm is expected to annually produce more than 15 million kilowatt hours of 
electric energy, enough to power more than 1,200 average American homes for a year. 
The renewable energy it produces will prevent approximately 10,700 tons of CO2 from 
being released into the environment each year, which is the equivalent of removing 
approximately 2,000 cars from the road. To help raise awareness of solar energy, real-time 
output data will be available to the public. 
Electricity created by the airport solar farm will be fed directly into the grid operated by the 
Indianapolis Power and Light Company (IPL) through existing surface transmission lines PAGE 2 
that connect the airport terminal to the IPL substation west of the airport. No public funds 
or airport costs are anticipated to be involved in the project.  
“The IND solar farm is just the latest innovation in our land-use strategy moving toward 
implementation,” said John D. Clark III, executive director and CEO of the IAA. “It supports 
our commitment to sustainability while helping to grow and diversify our revenue stream. 
Finding productive and harmonious uses for airport land ultimately aids our efforts to 
attract and maintain the air service that anchors the IND Aerotropolis and generates 
economic benefits throughout our region.” 
An Aerotropolis is an “airport city” in which a collaborative, multimodal approach is 
leveraged to maximize the ability of an airport to foster economic growth and 
infrastructure development throughout its surrounding region. In addition to its core air 
transportation missions, IND Aerotropolis focuses on maximizing airport assets and possible 
development properties and integrating those with key economic drivers of the region. 
Since both the borders and benefits of an Aerotropolis extend well beyond an airport’s 
property, a proactive and cooperative model is essential, and the IAA has been seeking and 
forging a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) with key stakeholders in the 
airport’s neighboring communities with the goal of achieving additional strategic 
partnerships in the future. 
"The airport serves as the gateway into Indianapolis, and this is a great way to showcase 
our efforts to become a more sustainable city,” said Mayor Greg Ballard. ”Installing solar 
panels on airport property not suitable for other development with the intent to power our 
city using renewable energy sources and generate revenue demonstrates the culture of 
innovation and commitment to sustainability that has taken root throughout Indianapolis." 
“We are very impressed with the Indianapolis Airport Authority’s vision for a greener future. 
Our goal is to be transparent to IAA’s solar project team participating through the 
planning, design, construction, project oversight, and financing stages as a venture 
partner,” said Albert Chen, CEO of Telamon. “We are grateful for the business opportunity 
and with Telamon's successful history of integrating products and services to our Fortune 
500 customers, we are very excited to be involved in this dynamic project.” 
“Projects of this size require a lot of teamwork, and we are happy to be partnered with true 
professionals like IAA, Johnson Melloh Solutions, Schmidt Associates, Telamon, SANYO and 
Indianapolis Power and Light,” said Kurt Schneider, vice president for Johnson-Melloh. 
”The IAA deserves a lot of credit for their creativity in finding ways to generate revenue 
from non-traditional airport revenue streams and Indianapolis Power and Light gets the 
credit for being a leader in Indiana utilities for offering a Feed-In-Tariff to its customers that 
make projects like this possible.” 
“With a smaller scale solar photovoltaic (pv) installation already in operation at the 
Johnson-Melloh Solutions site, we internalize the tremendous environmental and financial 
benefits of embracing renewable energy, specifically solar photovoltaic,” added  
Schneider. PAGE 3 
“We are grateful to have the opportunity to design, build, and service one of the largest 
airport sited solar photovoltaic projects in the United States,” said Nick Melloh, president of 
Johnson-Melloh Solutions. “The project is a great example of the public sector utilizing 
private sector investment to generate revenue. Mayor Ballard’s sustainability initiative is 
gaining momentum and we expect positive local impact from the IAA’s decision to work 
with local companies – including a substantial economic impact that will create much 
needed construction jobs. The decision to move this project to reality creates an 
opportunity for other local businesses and municipalities to take advantage of substantial 
downward pricing trends in high quality solar pv products and the Feed-in-Tariffs available 
to IPL and NIPSCO customers.” 
“The ripple effect of the Airport Solar Farm will be felt across Indianapolis and throughout 
the state,” said Ron Fisher, Schmidt Associates’ director of operations. “We can see this 
project spurring new interest in renewable energy across Indiana, and even the Midwest.” 
“Last Spring, the General Assembly passed legislation promoting clean energy in Indiana.  
We know that we are going to need more electrical power in Indiana in the future, and a 
diversified electricity portfolio is one of the State’s goals,” said Wayne Schmidt, CEO of 
Schmidt Associates. “Renewable energy resources, like the Indianapolis Airport Solar Farm, 
is an important piece of the puzzle.” 
“SANYO is very excited to lend its development, financial, and insurance services to the 
Indianapolis Airport solar project,” SANYO Solar Market Development Manager Kevin 
White explained. “The potential of this solar project shows that Indianapolis and Indiana 
are leaders in the Midwest when it comes to solar energy. And, if states and utilities 
develop the right programs, solar can become a sustainable source of energy for everyone. 
I commend all parties involved in the Airport Solar project in taking the next evolutionary 
step in the U.S.’s energy infrastructure.” 
About Johnson-Melloh Solutions 
Johnson-Melloh Solutions is a design-and-build construction company focused on 
providing long term value to their clients by reducing life cycle costs associated with 
energy consumption and operating costs. Johnson-Melloh Solutions has dedicated itself to 
adding renewable energy design and build to its portfolio of services with a specific 
concentrated effort on solar photovoltaic. 
Kurt Schneider, Nick Melloh, and Andy Melloh own and operate Johnson Melloh Solutions 
as a sister company to Johnson Melloh Inc., a mechanical contractor / mechanical service 
provider, established in 1976. Johnson-Melloh has a diverse market penetration consisting 
of, but not limited to, K-12, Municipalities, Higher Education, Industrial, and Healthcare 
About Schmidt Associates 
Schmidt Associates is a full-service architectural and engineering firm, with more than 35 
years of experience in the planning and design of award winning, environmentally and PAGE 4 
socially responsible, sustainable facilities. Located in downtown Indianapolis, their staff 
includes licensed and certified professionals who specialize in planning, architecture, 
engineering, interior design, technology, and LEED criteria. Energy is at the forefront of 
Schmidt Associates’ designs through building optimization, energy modeling, renewable 
energy, and LEED administration. With 25 LEED accredited professionals and a dedicated 
energy studio, Schmidt Associates incorporates high performance/sustainable design into 
every project. 
About Telamon 
Telamon Corporation, an Indianapolis based company, is your product and solution 
partner of choice. Established in 1985, Telamon is a $500M company, with 600+ 
employees across 9 locations (6 domestic, and 3 international). Uniquely positioned as a 
minority-owned company, Telamon has exceeded the highest standards as evidenced by 
our awards and certifications. At the same time, Telamon, the Greek word for "support," is 
a servant company—your needs are our only priority.  
Telamon Energy Solutions, as a subsidiary of the Telamon Corporation, is your preferred 
partner for smart building, LED lighting, sustainability products, and renewable energy 
solutions. Telamon Energy Solutions works with our customers to develop total energy 
solutions that can cut costs while improving performance, reducing energy usage, and 
protecting our environment. 
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., a member of the Panasonic Group, is a global company with 
leading energy and environmental technology and products for commercial and consumer 
use. Solar & Smart Energy, a division of SANYO North America Corporation (a subsidiary of 
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.), is based in San Jose, California, and handles sales and services for 
photovoltaic and Smart Energy Systems. For further information, please visit SANYO’s web 
site at

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