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Three Contenders Remain For Japan F-X

Sometime this year, a Japanese technician will perform the final piece of work on the last F-2 fighter to leave the Nagoya works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. With that, Japan’s 45 years of post-war fighter production will cease and the progressive loss of skills already under way in systems manufacturing will have spread to every […]

11.04.2011 – Solar Impulse at the Paris Air Show

The organisers of the International Paris Air Show are delighted and extremely proud to announce the presence of the solar aeroplane SOLAR IMPULSE as the show’s “Special Guest”. Air show premiere This will be the first air show appearance made by the revolutionary aeroplane, culmination of a genuine human and technological adventure, which made a […]

As President Obama Marks Final Launch of Endeavour, Nation Looks to Commercial Space for the Future

Kennedy Space Center, Florida, Wednesday, April 27, 2011 – As President Obama and Americans nationwide honor the historic accomplishments of the retiring Space Shuttle, an exciting new era of commercial spaceflight is being readied.  Tomorrow morning NASA will hold a press conference at Kennedy Space Center with commercial space pioneers.”Once the Space Shuttle retires this […]

Blue Origin Planning Reusable Launch Vehicle Blue Origin, one of the winners in the second round of NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev-2) seed-money effort, is planning to develop a reusable launch vehicle to carry its biconic seven-seat capsule to low Earth orbit, following an interim step when the company will offer suborbital tourist and scientific […]


American Airlines is denying reports it is providing funds to relaunch Oneworld alliance partner Mexicana de Aviación. Rumors of American’s involvement arose late April 15 when Mexican newspapers, citing “an official document” as yet released on any government or regulatory channel, reported American’s intent to partially fund TG Group’s takeover bid of the bankrupt carrier. […]

“Embrace the end of human spaceflight!”

Yuri’s Night in Space, 2011:  Party on, dudes! “let us sit upon the ground. And tell sad stories of the death of kings” – Richard II, Act III, Scene 2 The nearly simultaneous 50th anniversary of the beginning of human spaceflight and the forthcoming end of the Space Shuttle program has philosophical members of the […]

U.S. Wants COIN Aircraft For Foreign Training

By Graham Warwick, Bill Sweetman Washington, Washington For a time it looked as if the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan might spark demand for dedicated counterinsurgency (COIN) aircraft, the way Vietnam gave new life to the A-1 Skyraider and spurred development of the OV-10 Bronco. A little more than two years ago, the U.S. Air […]