NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase I Solicitation

NASA’s Office of Chief Technologist has announced the “NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC)” Phase I Solicitation is now open. The NIAC Program seeks to inspire and nurture revolutionary concepts that could transform future aerospace endeavors. NIAC will fund early studies of visionary, long term concepts – aerospace architectures, systems, or missions (not focused technologies). The goal of NIAC is to give visionary ideas a chance. NASA recognizes that concepts to transform the future may come from innovators across the nation, so this exciting program is open to everyone. If you have a revolutionary concept that NASA should consider, you are encouraged to submit a NIAC proposal.

This solicitation NNH11ZUA001N is for NIAC Phase I studies. Typical awards will be up to $100K for a typical duration for up to 1 year. Phase I proposals are limited to 8 pages in length for the science/technical/ management section. Final proposals will be due May 2, 2011. Awards based on this solicitation are contingent on appropriated funds.

Press Release
NASA Research AnnouncementNASA Research Announcement (PDF File)


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