Bringing Aviation Stakeholders Together to Address Aviation’s Environmental Challenges

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Encouraging Solutions, Acknowledging Progress & Communicating Ideas
As the Lindberghs predicted, aviation continues to make inestimable contributions to the quality of all life.  And in the years since that most famous trans-Atlantic flight, the advance of technology has delivered tremendous progress  in addressing aviation’s environmental footprint.

Aviation Green Alliance Brochure CoverNonetheless, aviation — its industry, corporate operators, and individuals alike — is coming under intense governmental and media scrutiny.  The flying community has become a target in the debate over emissions, noise, efficiency and other environmental concerns.  It is imperative that we address such challenges with responsibility, care, and cooperation among all of aviation’s stakeholders.

The Lindbergh Foundation mission is to seek the balance between technology and the environment, a concept first advocated by Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  With a 30-plus year legacy of supporting such work, the Lindbergh Foundation is proud to lead the Aviation Green Alliance.  
Aviation Green Alliance welcomes all aviation-related companies and individuals committed to proactively addressing our shared concerns regarding aviation and the environment.  Under the banner of the Lindbergh Foundation, all members of the aviation community can join efforts in reducing aviation’s environmental footprint—a mission we all embrace.

As an independent not-for-profit organization, the Lindbergh Foundation offers its Members and supporters a “safe harbor” for addressing aviation-environmental issues.  The progress, education, and understanding gained through an affiliation with the Aviation Green Alliance will prove valuable to those representing aviation’s environmental interests to both the general public and governmental agencies.

Plan of Action

The Aviation GreenTM Alliance creates multiple platforms for Members to share strategies, findings, progress, and ideas related to aviation’s environmental issues.

  1. Providing the most current and important aviation-environmental news and information
  2. Funding research and development Grants, encouraging additional work in the discovery and the incubation of new technologies that address aviation’s environmental issues
  3. Recognizing Member successes in addressing aviation’s environmental concerns
  4. Developing suggested best practices for achieving measurable aviation-related conservation and sustainability initiatives
  5. Fostering educational efforts related to the progress of the industry’s successes in addressing aviation’s environmental footprint

AGA Membership Benefits

  • Participation in professional, aviation-focused environmental forums  Most major global aviation events will ultimately feature a forum for AGA members moderated by the Lindbergh Foundation. These forums will address environmental initiatives from AGA members from throughout the world, to provide a practical way to share valuable information on solutions and breakthroughs.   
  • AGA Member-only newsletter Published monthly, this specialty e-publication will scour the world for new environmental science, technology, social and industry-related items that have the potential for influencing the aviation sector.  AGA will sweep the horizon, identifying game-changing initiatives that may provide significant advantages to AGA members.
  • AGA “Membership Seal” will be presented to members having met certain standards for commitment to aviation’s environmental awareness. Members can display and use the AGA seal in their own PR/marketing efforts.
  • A special Aviation Green Award will be publicly presented to successful members at an annual event to be held at one of the major industry events such as Sun n Fun, AOPA,  EAA, NBAA, and comparable international venues.
  • Press releases on Member progress and achievement
  • Web support and social media to further promote and recognize members, as well as to facilitate sharing of ideas for dealing with aviation’s environmental awareness.

Exploration and Research

  • Solicitation and support of Lindbergh Grants addressing Aviation-Environmental issues.  Based upon input and interest, the Lindbergh Foundation will issue special calls for Grant proposals in specific areas of interest to AGA Members
  • Grant recipients will share their findings via website as well as at special AGA symposia/forums
  • AGA Members may propose and support Lindbergh-funded research that would benefit major sectors of the industry
  • Facilitation of partnerships and support of further development with researchers on new, high-potential discoveries.  


  • Symposia: At cardinal aviation gatherings in US and abroad, AGA provides the means for industry members to share information, discoveries, promising technologies
  • Forums:  AGA members, Grant Recipients, and Awardees are invited to present briefs on certain key areas of promising aviation-environmental work to industry and public audiences
  • Media (print): Regular AGA columns will be placed in key magazine(s) featuring member accomplishments and progress, Grants work underway, and other aviation-environmental news
  • Media (web/social): Areas of the Lindbergh Foundation web site will be dedicated to researchers and Members for exchanging concepts, discussing new technologies, and celebrating breakthroughs;
  • Schools: AGA will encourage Member presentations to schools as a means of engaging student work related to aviation environmental issues

The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to the Lindbergh Foundation Aviation Green Investment Program are tax-deductible

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