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Small Airports Fear Being Left Behind as Costs Squeeze Carriers

  By SUSAN STELLIN Residents of some of America’s smaller cities may face a tough choice in the future: pay increasingly high fares to board a plane close to home or drive farther to a bigger airport with lower ticket prices. While it is difficult to calculate how much fares are rising at places like […]

XCOR Announces Global Network of Research and Educational Mission Payload Integrators for Lynx Suborbital Spaceplane

February 28th, 2011, Orlando, FL, USA: At the commencement of the 2011 Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference (NSRC) being held in Orlando, Florida, XCOR Aerospace announced its initial team of suborbital payload integration specialists who will begin taking orders and facilitating experiment development and integration for commercial, educational and government suborbital research missions aboard XCOR’s Lynx […]

New Mexico’s Bet on Space Tourism Hits a Snag

 LC-Chamber-Luncheon-6-24-10 DASCC-Briefing-4-22-2010 New Mexico envisioned Spaceport America as the center of a fledgling industry where tourists would pay large sums to take suborbital flights. TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M — Somewhere off a dusty road in southern New Mexico sits a hulking horseshoe-crab-shaped structure and a two-mile-long slab of concrete flanked by mesas and mountains. It […]

Space Tourism: One Giant Leap for Researchers

Space Tourism: One Giant Leap for Researchers  If all goes as planned, within a couple of years, tourists will be rocketing into space aboard a Virgin Galactic space plane — paying $200,000 for about four minutes of weightlessness — before coming back down for a landing on a New Mexico runway. // Sitting in the […]

As Predicted… Cirrus ‘Merges’ With China’s CAIGA

2/28/2011…from Aero-News network The End Of A Uniquely American GA Icon? After previous denials, Cirrus has admitted that the company will attempt to “merge” with the China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (CAIGA). The scenario is described as a “definitive merger agreement pursuant to which CAIGA would acquire Cirrus.” The transaction is expected to […]

NetJets Ascendant

NetJets, the original and by far the largest fractional aircraft operation, was founded by Richard Santulli in 1986 and acquired by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate in 1998 for $725 million. A decade later, the company operated some 800 business jets in the United States and Europe for thousands of share owners. However, once the […]

How to Run a ‘Green’ Flight Operation

  Regardless of your views on global warming, there are compelling reasons for running a so-called “green” operation — and perhaps the most important one is “greenbacks,” or the money that can be saved through fuel conservation. The combustion process being directly related to the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) — the gas most faulted […]