Symbolic Flight Ready To Ship Photo-Realistic Visualization

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First Affordable GA Synth Vis System For General Aviation Pilots

Symbolic Flight says it is shipping what it describes as a “major update” to its synthetic vision software that the company claims delivers a  “complete, portable, synthetic vision experience for general aviation pilots at a price any pilot can afford.”

Symbolic Flight says version 4.0 provides threshold-to-threshold route planning using current FAA enroute and terminal data: Airports, Airspace, Airways, Approaches and Obstacles, marked-up in three dimensions, allowing pilots to actually see what they are doing in relation to controlled airspace as well as to a satellite-image-terrain-model of the physical world. Of special interest during flight planning is the ability to pre-fly your route in a photo-realistic world view with forecast cloud conditions depicted realistically for the proposed time of departure. You can also alter your departure time and actually watch the clouds change.

“Perpetual VFR is the dream,” said company President Paul Mace. “This release of Symbolic Flight delivers Perceptual VFR: an accurate, convincing, photo-realistic, 3D picture of where you are at all times, and we do it both on the ground,  training and planning on any Windows Platform, and in the air, using affordable, daylight-readable tablet technology.”

Symbolic Flight Version 4.0 comes in two Editions: Primary and Advanced. The company says both provide the same “Perceptual VFR” experience. With the Primary Edition, the pilot can see your route, judge the terrain, experience the forecast clouds, and alter departure time to look for more favorable conditions. The Advanced Edition adds the ability to get accurate pitch and roll information from an IMU (Inertial Measurement/Navigation Unit) and see traffic in 3D. “Advanced” pilots also get support for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and the ability to hone cockpit skills and assess your practice flight’s progress against 3D depiction of the enroute and approach waypoints. 

“Symbolic Flight lets you see your situation from all angles,” said Company Chief Test Pilot Nat Sims. “During Flight-planning, you actually see the terrain and current cloud layers. This prepares you mentally for the flight ahead. During training, it adds a compelling level of realism and enjoyment for pilots who use flight simulation programs to maintain or enhance proficiency.” Sims continued, “During actual flight, a glance at Symbolic Flight can fill the gaps between what you think is happening and what the airplane is actually doing.”

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