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NASA to continue funding already-canceled Ares V rocket program to the tune of $465 million through March

The Orlando Sentinel caught this one: A quirk in the 2010 budget and the continuing resolution have forced NASA to continue funding already-canceled Ares V rocket program to the tune of $465 million through March 4. At the root of the problem is a 70-word sentence inserted into the 2010 budget — by lawmakers seeking […]

NASA spending $500 million for canceled rocket,

 Orlando Sentinel “Thanks to congressional inaction, NASA must continue to fund its defunct Ares I rocket program until March — a requirement that will cost the agency nearly $500 million at a time when NASA is struggling with the expensive task of replacing the space shuttle. About one-third that money — $165 million — will […]

NASA’s new year will start like the old year with funding uncertainty

View full sizeNASAMarshall Space Flight Center headquarters on Redstone Arsenal HUNTSVILLE, AL – For NASA and its Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, 2011 will start as a replay of 2010, with more uncertainty over the agency’s future. As 2010 ends, NASA Headquarters in Washington says it is stuck in a “holding pattern” between its […]

Commercial Crew Transportation System Certification Requirements for NASA Low Earth Orbit Missions

ESMD-CCTSCR-12.10 Revision-Basic Full document 1.0 Introduction The Commercial Crew Transportation System (CCTS) Certification Requirements Document is a consolidated set of technical requirements, standards, and processes built upon the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) vast human spaceflight knowledge and experience. The intent of this document is to define the requirements, standards, and certification package contents […]

Special Aerospace Services Announces Inaugural Commercial Human Spaceflight Technical Forum

Special Aerospace Services, a leader in aerospace systems engineering solutions, announced today that it will host its first Commercial Human Spaceflight Technical Forum on January 12-14. The forum is being held in Boulder, Colorado, and will present a focused and concentrated technical agenda created for Commercial Human Spaceflight providers and NASA. Attendees will gain insight […]

Spinoff is NASA’s annual premier publication featuring successfully commercialized NASA technology.

About Spinoff As a result of a 1958 congressional mandate, NASA, in 1962, created the Technology Utilization Program. It was supported by Technology Utilization Offices at each of the field centers and four Industrial Applications Centers (IACs). The number of IACs grew rapidly to seven by the early 1970s and ten in the early 1980s. […]

Honda Achieves First Flight of FAA-Conforming HondaJet

Greensboro, North Carolina, December 21, 2010 – Honda Aircraft Company, Inc., today announced that it has successfully completed the first flight of its FAA-conforming HondaJet advanced light business jet. The event is a significant step in Honda’s aerospace program leading to delivery of aircraft in 2012. The first conforming HondaJet lifted off yesterday, December 20, […]