Wolf Aviation Fund 2010 program begins on April 15, 2010 and ends December 15.

Please read through these pages carefully for information on requirements and procedures. Grants will be awarded in the first four months of 2011. The deadline for normal processing will be December 15, 2010. The deadline for early processing requests is September 1, 2010.

For scholarships and flight training grant information please see our Scholarships Page

Please observe any deadlines for proposals on our current year’s program description.

If you or your organization would like to help fund some of the worthy proposals or programs please email us for further information. Donations are usually tax deductible. We can also set up a grant program in your or your organization’s name.

Wolf Aviation Fund Grants Program

Since 1992 the Wolf Aviation Fund has awarded special grants for efforts supporting and promoting general aviation.  All grants fulfill the objectives of the Mission Statement discussed on our home page. 

The Fund is currently involved in two major methods for achieving its objectives:   1) by directly involving advisors and consultants in specific projects within the program areas and in increasing the informational resources available through the Fund, and 2) by awarding grants which complement this work and support the same objectives.

This page and the next provide instructions for the current year’s grant program.  After reviewing the following information please read the specific instructions that follow to learn how to apply for a Wolf Aviation Fund grant. 

Please do not send us a rough idea for a project and ask us if you should write a grant proposal.  It is unfair to you and to other applicants for us to try to answer based on partial information.  The opinion of the person who sees your question will not necessarily reflect what the reviewing team might decide if they see your idea in proposal form.  If you do not send in a proposal then the one thing we can guarantee is that the reviewing team won’t see it!

Proposals are easy to prepare.  No elaborate presentations are required or even desirable.  We have given grants based on email messages which include the four items of information specified in our guidelines. Please simply read our guidelines and make your own decision regarding whether it will be worth your time to prepare a proposal.

In preparing proposals we also strongly encourage applicants to browse the Resources section and learn how to find out what kinds of grants might be available from any source and to learn in general how to properly prepare grant requests.

Here is a hint: the worst mistake anyone can make is to not follow the instructions provided by a granting entity – yet it is one of the most common problems, and it generally means immediate disqualification.

It is also a waste of time for the applicant and granting institution alike for grants to be submitted which do not meet the program objectives as stated. Please do review the Wolf Aviation Fund materials available on this site in order to determine whether this is the right place to seek a grant, and follow the same procedure in seeking support from others. 

However, an equally common mistake for those new to grant writing is to think that they are not likely to obtain a grant because they don’t know anything about how to write a grant.  The fact is that many good ideas do not receive funding because a grant proposal is never written! Our own grant procedures are very simple and flexible. We have given many grants to first-time grant authors. We do not expect or want elaborate proposals, so if you think your idea fits our objectives, please do send us a proposal!

The link to our guidelines page is at the end of this page, below.

Prior Winners of the Alfred L. and
Constance E. Wolf Aviation Fund Awards:

1992:  Captain Barry Schiff.  Proposal to create VFR Routing Charts through busy terminal control areas.  The subject of the year’s solicitation was “Airspace Control and Utilization.”

1993:  Dr. Philip J. Kellman.  For work as a specialist in human perceptual learning for Visual Learning Modules as a new tool for training specific flying skills.  The subject was “Pilot Training and Proficiency Enhancement.”

1994:  Darryl H. Phillips.  Proposal to illustrate the adaptation of Stirling engine technology to aviation through construction of a small demonstration engine.  “Aircraft Design and Maintenance.”

1995:  Three recipients – Richard P. Roberts and John P. Voight for “The preservation and Nurturing of Endangered Airports;”  Douglas J. Lundgren for “Promoting the Creation of Aviation Discovery Parks;”   and Fred C. Schroeder and Patrick Riley for “Saving America’s Airports:  A Win-Win for All.”  The year’s topic was “Airport Preservation.”

1996:  Bill Worden for the Air Care Alliance.  To support the programs, activities, and outreach efforts of this alliance listing the dozens of public benefit flying groups in the country, formed to better tell the public their stories. Topic:   “Improving Public Perception and Understanding of General Aviation.”

1997:  Wolf Aviation Fund Special Programs:  To increase the network of individuals directly involved in promulgating Fund programs and objectives and to fund a series of special projects expanding the scope of its support.

1998-2010: Ongoing Grants Program:  more than 250 grants have been awarded in all program areas.   Read about some of the previously awarded grants in some of the press releases in the “What We Do” Page’s Press Release area. We will add information about prior grant proposals periodically.

Send a message to the email address below indicating you wish to be notified of occasional important announcements.  Be sure to include an email address which will be valid for contacting you.  Privacy policy: your email address will only be used for Wolf Aviation Fund purposes unless you permit or request other uses.

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