Cessna Introduces iFlite for Single-Engine Aircraft

OSHKOSH, Wis., July 27, 2010 – Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today that iFlite data applications for the new Apple iPad are now available for all Cessna single-engine aircraft. Cessna will have a demo of the iFlite app for the iPad at its exhibit during the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual week-long conference – AirVenture 2010.

“Bringing these applications to the single-engine market means Cessna pilots will be able to easily use their personal computer and phone devices for ease of flight planning and accessing real-time weather data,” said Cessna’s vice president of Customer Service Brad Thress.

iFlite is a mobile data system populated with critical flight information and planning features. With it, pilots can instantly access up-to-the-minute weather images, plan routes and check landing status. Checklists and Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) also are available along with pilot training videos.

Unique with the Cessna iFlite app, pilots will have access to performance calculations and Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) subscriptions. Pilots will also be able to file flight plans and have access to Cessna checklists from the devices. Below are some of its features:

• Performance Calculations
• Weight & Balance
• A/FD & AOPA Information
• Route Planning
• Weather text: METARS, TAFS, Winds Aloft,
Temperatures Aloft
• Weather Images: DUATS Animated RADAR, Satellite, etc.
• DUATS Filing Flight Plan & Weather Briefing
• NACO Approach Charts
• Cessna Checklists
• FARs
• Airport Status – Displays Airport Delays at Major Airports
• GPS Moving Map
• POH Subscription (at additional charge)

The cost of the iPad iFlite is $149 with a $99 annual subscription and an additional $39 to add the POH with a valid copy of the paper POH manual. Cessna partnered with Hilton Software LLC to develop iFlite. The iFlite application for iPads is available now at the iTunes App Store. Cessna also plans an application for the iPhone soon and is developing similar iFlite applications for Cessna Citation business jets.


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