Who is Sanswire-TAO?

Sanswire-TAO is a US based company focused on the design, development and construction of Lighter than Air (LTA) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The company coordinates the LTA/UAV operations and will share the overall profits of the sales between the partners.


What is a Stratellite?

A Stratellite is a LTA UAV designed and built to operate in the Stratosphere at approximately 65,000ft. The vehicle is designed to stay stationary in the Stratosphere for up to 18 months providing a plethora of services ranging from surveillance to various communications solutions. Each Stratellite can provide coverage to an area about the size of Texas.

How long has Sanswire-TAO been working on Airships?

Sanswire-TAO have been working together since 2005, although the research and development of its product portfolio began in 1994.

What products has Sanswire-TAO designed and can manufacture?

Sanswire-TAO is focused on developing and furthering its high altitude program, specifically its Stratellite Airship. As well, Sanswire-TAO has developed the SkySat a mid altitude vehicle as well as the SAS-51 a low altitude vehicle and the PADDS the payload recovery solution as a strategic aerial delivery solution.

Who is the owner of Sanswire-TAO and the technology behind this program?

Sanswire Corp and TAO Gmbh are partners in a 50/50 JV where the two companies own and operate a US company which owns the patents and Intellectual Property powering the vehicles for the territories of USA, Canada and Mexico. All profits from sales will be split by the respective partners equally.

When will the Stratellite be ready for sale and production?

Sanswire-TAO is focused on advancing its high altitude program through labratory and real life testing. Following its test schedules Sanswire-TAO anticipates flying various high altitude vehicles to gather flight data to further the construction and production of the commercial vehicles in 2010.

A Sanswire Stratellite™ is designed to operate at 65,000 feet and will integrate clean solar energy collection systems with advanced wireless communication and sensor systems to allow communities across the globe to rapidly deploy inexpensive, environmentally friendly infrastructure. Working with our growing list of international partners, Sanswire is well positioned to provide the key on ramp to the global information superhighway. Learn More…

A Sanswire Stratellite™ is a specialized airship that is capable of carrying various payload with basic core mission of transmitting various types of wireless communications. Placing a communications platform into the stratosphere, in the form of an airship, has never been done before. Such a platform can fundamentally change how the world delivers wireless telecommunications and the way we as individuals communicate.The Sanswire Stratellite is a TAO patented lighter than air airship designed for missions in the lower stratosphere up to 60,000 feet altitude. The Stratellite is currently in the development cycle which is broken generally into methodical steps with increasing functionality in order to allow for early interaction with the customer. The Airship can be equipped for telecommunication services or for surveillance capabilities. The Stratellite is designed to carry certain payloads into the Stratosphere determined by the requirements of the customer. The technical solution for a Stratellite is a segmented aircraft, consisting of a sequence of buoyancy cells. The concept allows for ascent and descent and stationary operation. Short and long time missions are possible with the Stratellite with possible launch capabilities setup within 24 hours at any location.

The Stratellite System has many fields of application, but beyond a purely commercial system, the Stratellite can provide efficient solutions in the field of fighting ecological disasters and catastrophes, filling the current void for instant infrastructures when catastrophe strikes. The system is envisioned to be an Ad-hoc installation to set up an emergency telecommunication system within hours wherever needed. In environmental disasters telecommunication breaks down within seconds, Re-installation of the infrastructure takes weeks or months. The Stratellite can be used as a floating mobile telecommunication station for all telecommunication purposes and the transmission of temporary data communication, telecommunication and TV-programs as well as long-term missions over metropolitan cities.

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