Bush iCub

The Bush version is the iCub with 7″ extended landing gear, 1.25″ axles, bush wheels, larger brakes, safety cables and oversized tailwheel. This is one tough aircraft, designed with an “off-road” mission in mind.


Fuselage & Wing
New fuselage design
New cabin top X-brace
New tail X-brace
New reinforced landing gear attachments
New landing gear design
New suspension & safety cables
New Reinforced battery box attachment
New battery door panel
New vertical tail & fin design
New panoramic door & window design
New enlarged baggage area
New more comfortable seating
New aluminum cowling
New firewall design
New instrument panel housing & glare shield
New prop spinner
New wingtip design
New reinforced flaps
Vortex generators
Full overhead skylight
18 gal. Fuel tankage (24 optional)

100hp Rotax 912 ULS with clutch & starter
Full time carburetor heat w/o power degradation
Aux. Fuel Pump (electric)
Oil inspection door

2-blade wooden propeller (painted)

Instrument Panel
iPad + dock with aviation & backwoods apps (pilot)
iPod + dock with aviation & backwoods apps (co-pilot)
Airspeed indicator
Pedestal mounted compass
Oil temp
Oil pressure
Hour meter
Ignition lock/starter
Low voltage warning light
PS Engineering PM1000II intercom
406 MHz ELT with remote activation & alert

Control sticks, pilot & co-pilot, with PTT
Rudder pedals & toe brakes, pilot & co-pilot
Throttle, pilot & co-pilot
Elevator trim, pilot

Leather upholstery
Adjustable front seat
Four point safety harnesses
Complete wooden floorboards
Extended upholstered baggage area w/Cargo net
2-12V auxiliary outlet
Fresh air vents

Landing Gear
7” Extended landing gear
26” Goodyear tires
Baby bush tail wheel w/reinforced tail spring
Safety cables
1.25″ axles
Aerodynamic bungee covers

SportairUSA, LC • 8222 Remount Road, North Little Rock, AR 72118 • 888 FLY SLSA

Located at the North Little Rock Municipal Airport (KORK)

Copyright 2009 SportairUSA, LC

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