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The End of the Apollo Era – Finally?

By John M. Logsdon I recently finished the manuscript for a new book, “John F. Kennedy and the Race to the Moon,” and sent it off to the publisher. (Look for it early next year!) In my final chapter, I reflect on the impact of Apollo on the evolution of the U.S. space program in […]

Heavy Lift

   A small groundswell is rising in Congress for a faster start on the heavy-lift launch vehicle President Barack Obama says he wants, but it may be swamped by the backwash from growing irritation over NASA’s sluggish production of justification for its “game-changing” new approach. A bipartisan gang of 62 House members wants Obama to […]

Cessna’s Citation CJ3 and Sovereign Make Robb Report’s ‘Best of the Best’

WICHITA, Kan., June 24, 2010 – Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today its Citation CJ3 and Citation Sovereign made Robb Report’s annual “Best of the Best” in their respective categories. For the second consecutive year, the Citation CJ3 has been selected “Best of the Best” in the Light business jet […]

New National Space Policy Conciliatory”Top Level Messages,” dated June 25

National Space Policy Top-Level Messages The National Space Policy is the President’s direction for all U.S. space activities. This policy seeks to strengthen our domestic commercial space industry and reestablish U.S. leadership in the international community. All U.S. activities will be conducted in accordance with a few key principles. Two of the main principles are: […]

Malice, Mischief and Misconceptions

The space community has fractured since the disastrous roll out of NASA’s “new direction.”  Preceding the administration’s budget announcement, endless delays and rampant speculation about administrators, rockets, and program design and direction kept people guessing.  The current trench warfare is not a pretty sight, but it is not unexpected given the lack of a clear […]

Beauty of Future Airplanes is More than Skin Deep

  The process of starting with many possible solutions and narrowing it down to just a few. Image credit: NASA/Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation ›  Link to larger photo ›  View Future Aircraft Image Gallery A 20-passenger commercial aircraft design concept. Image credit: NASA/GE Aviation ›  Link to larger photo ›  View Future Aircraft Image Gallery […]

At Companies Tied to NASA, Casualties of a Changing Mission

In the political battle over the nation’s space program, the first casualties are people like Donny Smith, an engineer who received his layoff notice Monday. “I’ve been preparing, trying to find something else to move to,” said Mr. Smith, who works for Bastion Technologies, one of the companies NASA has hired to help design rockets […]