Solar Impulse


Today the HB-SIA was sun-born. When I activated the solar cells of the HB-SIA during my second flight today, the aircraft not only started to produce electricity, but it was also able to recharge its batteries. At this precise moment, when the Solar Impulse produced more energy than it was currently consuming, the fulfilment of a dream – to fly solely on solar power, day and night – came one step closer to reality.

It was like a first encounter with the sun. After I had turned on the solar panel I could see the energy reserves increasing although the engines were continuously consuming power. Never before in my 40 years as a pilot have I experienced anything like this.

I am exceptionally grateful for everybody who has supported us during the past seven years to put Bertrand’s and my dream into action. Finally we can say we are flying a solar plane.

These thanks of course also go to our fans and followers, especially the proud “owners” of one of the 12000 solar cells who are part of our Supporters Program. You truly electrified me!


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