NASA Exploration Enterprise Workshop

May 25 – 26, 2010 Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention Center Galveston, TX The first day of the conference will provide an overview of NASA’s “point of departure” plans for technologies and missions. This will serve as a starting point for further refinement. Day 1 of the conference will be streamed live! Free video streaming by Ustream Breakout sessions on the second day of the conference will focus on specific plans for maturing technologies, conducting flight demonstrations, and building commercial capabilities. In preparation for the event, several requests for information (RFI) have been released for discussion at the conference.

Day 1 Presentations – May 25, 2010

    Day 1 briefings will be made available below in PDF format and Day 1 video will be made available within one week.

    A New Space Enterprise
    > Douglas Cooke, Laurie Leshin, Michael Hecker (PDF, 9.7 MB)

    Exploration Technology Development & Demonstration (ETDD)
    > Chris Moore (PDF, 2.5 MB)

    Heavy Lift & Propulsion Technology (HL&PT)
    > Cris Guidi (PDF, 840 KB)

    Flagship Technology Demonstrations (FTD)
    > Mike Conley (PDF, 8.7 MB)

    Explorations Precursor Robotic Missions (xPRM)
    > Jay Jenkins (PDF, 2.2 MB)

    Commercial Crew (CC)
    > Phil McAlister (PDF, 455 KB)

    Participatory Exploration (PE)
    > Kathy Nado (PDF, 500 KB)

    Panel Q&A/ Wrap-Up
    > Mike Conley, Douglas Cooke, Cris Guidi, Michael Hecker, Jay Jenkins, Laurie Leshin, Phil McAlister, Chris Moore, Kathy Nado


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