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One of the greatest single engine piston aircraft – Mooney M20 History and Prices

  Year Model Serial # Description No. built Factory price 1948 M18 Mite 02 to 12 25hp Crosley auto engine — later converted to Lycoming 65hp O-145. Single place. Mite features listed here at Dave Rutherford’s Mitesite. Mite #1 was N3199K, now hanging at Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Mite #3 was N3159K, now at Sun […]

Design philosophy of….e-Go Aircraft

Why did we design it this way? To start with, this project is designed to meet the new CAA regulation (CAA General Exemption 633) which limits us to a single seat aircraft of less than 115 kg empty weight and under 10 kg/m2 wing loading. Layout We start from the low weight and wing loading. […]

Solar Impulse

  Today the HB-SIA was sun-born. When I activated the solar cells of the HB-SIA during my second flight today, the aircraft not only started to produce electricity, but it was also able to recharge its batteries. At this precise moment, when the Solar Impulse produced more energy than it was currently consuming, the fulfilment […]

Dreamchaser docks with International Space Station

In the picture above Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dreamchaser reusable vehicle concept docks with the International Space Station. Of NASA’s five Commercial Crew Development initiative funded space act agreements announced on 2 February Sierra Nevada won the largest sum, $20 million out of a total fund of $50 million Sierra Nevada’s Mark Sirangelo told Hyperbola: “We are […]

Lockheed weighs layoffs, other cuts for Orion program

  An artist’s rendering shows the Orion crew capsule approaching the international space station (. Lockheed Martin Corp. ) Lockheed Martin officials have begun looking throughout the Orion crew-capsule program for savings that can be used to cover possible contract termination costs. Those savings could include layoffs of some of the 600 to 650 Lockheed […]

Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., May 28, 2010 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] has acquired the first on-orbit signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF-1 satellite, the inaugural spacecraft in a 12-satellite constellation that the company is building for the U.S. Air Force. The signals indicate that the spacecraft bus is functioning normally and ready to begin […]

Model 580 Bullet Airship

The Information Age involves more than computers. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and unmanned aerial system (UAS) are widely used in government and commercial applications that range from surveillance to marketing campaigns. E-GreenTechnologies uses experience and innovation to manufacture lighter-than-air vehicles (Airships) and provide efficient, affordable solutions for a diverse range of clients. Applications include […]