COSMOS -3M Successful Launch

COSMOS -3M Successful Launch 27.04.2010 A Cosmos-3M military satellite was successfully launched by Russian Space Forces aboard a Cosmos 3M launch vehicle. A Cosmos 3M launch vehicle – produced by the Production Association “Polyot”, an Omsk-based branch of Khrunichev – inserted a Russia’s military satellite into orbit earlier today. The Cosmos-3M launch vehicle with a Cosmos-series military satellite lifted off on Tuesday 27 April at 05:05 a.m. Moscow Time from Presets launch base in Northern Russia. The launch was conducted by a unit with the Russian Space Forces. The liftoff of the launcher was nominal.The spacecraft reached the target orbit at 06:08 a.m. MT later on this day. The mission ground control center, which is operating the newly orbited satellite spacecraft, took control over the satellite at 06.41 a.m. MT. This was the 6th (within 4 months) of 2010 year launch of Khrunichev-manufactured launch vehicles. With the 27 April Cosmos-3M launch, Proton has already completed 5 missions this year. Khrunichev is the only world’s producer of launch vehicles that can boast of such a record achievements. Preparations under way for three June 2010 launches that will be conducted using different type carriers supplied by Khrunichev: – ArabSat-5B mission on a Proton heavy launch, from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan; – SIRIUS-2 launch aboard Rockot LV, from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, in Northern Russia – KSLV-1 launch, Naro Space Center, S.Korea (Khrunichev is the manufacturer of the first stage for KSLV) The Cosmos-3M is a liquid-fueled two-stage rocket is used for government and commercial launches of single or multiple LEO satellites. The launcher provides the single and group insertion of spacecrafts into the elliptical and circular orbit with altitude up to 1700 km, with the mass of taken payload from 500kg (height of the orbit is 1700 km) up to 1500 km ()orbit’s height is 250 km. Polyot began serial production of the Cosmos system in 1968. Approximately 400 spacecraft (out of which 200 spacecraft has been designed and built by Polyot itself) has been orbited aboard the Cosmos 3M launch vehicle. The Cosmos 3M has entered the international market of launch services in 1995. 33 satellites overall has been launched so far aboard the Cosmos 3M for customers worldwide. With 0.97 coefficient of reliability, the Cosmos 3M launcher has earned reputation of the most reliable rocket in its class. 0.97.

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