Astrium has unveiled a revolutionary new vehicle for space tourism.

The business jet sized craft is designed to carry four passengers 100 km up into space giving more than three minutes of “zero G” or weightlessness. Prepare for the flight of your life… The launch of a new era in space travel Until now, the closest you could get to your dream of travelling into space was to immerse yourself in a good science fiction novel. Not anymore. Now you can experience the thrill of being a space traveller and soaring into the unknown in one of the world’s finest commercial passenger space planes. Space may be alien to you, but it isn’t to us. As you get ready to leave your world behind, our team of space pilots will prepare you for the flight of your life with detailed briefings and simulated training flights. Takeoff Your journey into space begins with a 45-minute cruise to an altitude of 12 km. Rocket ignition At 12 km the rocket propulsion system takes over from the jet engines to truly ignite your imagination … the space plane is boosted to almost vertical attitude with the breath-taking velocity of Mach 3 – three times the speed of sound. After 80 seconds and at an altitude of 60 km, your mind is literally sent into orbit. The rocket propulsion system is then shut down and the space plane’s inertia allows it to ascend to over 100 km. Zero gravity At this altitude, you will become one of the very few people to experience the feeling of zero gravity in space. Return to Earth As the pilot manoeuvres the craft using small rocket thrusters, you body will hover weightlessly for several minutes. You will witness some of the most spectacular views of the Earth ever seen. As the jet engines take over again at 12 km, you will enjoy a 30-minute descent to Earth and land back at the spaceport. You may have landed, but after an adventure like this, it will be a little longer before you’re truly back down to Earth…

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