Solar Impulse Flies!

An amazing day is drawing to a close. While I’m here with you for a last report from the Solar Impulse base the team is having a well-earned barbeque accompanied by a glass of red wine and some rock songs outside the hangar. “How does it feel”, I can hear Mick Jagger sing from the distance. I assume to speak for everybody when I answer: Thanks Mick, it feels incredible! Now let me give you a quick summary of the debriefing earlier this evening. According to our test pilot Markus the HB-SIA felt stable and controllable from the very beginning. All four engines worked extremely well during the whole flight and the solar plane showed climbing skills exceeding the expectations. For Claude Nicollier, leader of the flight test team, the maiden flight was nothing less than a “huge success. We reached all objectives, especially the safe landing, which was our main purpose.” And finally André and Bertrand thanked the whole team for its dedication to this project. “Let’s preserve this moment in out hearts. It will give us the force and the motivation to achieve our goals.” This thank-you goes out to you as well. Thanks for all the feedbacks we received today, for your interest and your support. It’s great to see how many people around the globe follow Solar Impulse and share our vision. Maybe some of you want to join our supporters program now and adopt one of the 11’628 solar cells of the HB-SIA. About 1500 are already taken … Martin


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