Solar Impulse HB-SIA will take off for the first time


Following the ground tests conducted over the last few days and with the weather forecast good, test pilot Markus Scherdel will be at the prototype’s controls to take the plane up for its first flight, circling the airfield at Payerne. The objective of tomorrow’s mission is to verify that the plane’s flight behaviour is in line with the calculations and simulations done using the flight simulator. With such a large and light plane never having flown before, the aircraft’s flight behaviour remains unexplored. Early morning, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA will be towed out of its hangar and taken to its runway. Flight duration will depend on everything working as it should, but is expected to last around one hour thirty minutes. Flight altitude will be 1500 meters maximum. You will find all information and pictures on this test flight on our website


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