Mooney Acclaim M20TN took first prize

A Mooney Acclaim M20TN took first prize in Category C of the Ultimate Challenge Air Race held in South Africa. Mooney ZS-ACC, piloted by Patrick Hanly of SA Mooney and owned and navigated by Frikkie Greefe, flew the 297.32 nautical mile course in 1:30:44. Other aircraft in the category included Cirrus SR22 and Beech Bonanzas. “The idea behind this particular race started because all the other air races in South Africa work strictly on individual handicaps,” said Pat Hanly of SA Mooney in Port Alfred. “This caused a lot of unhappiness because it was more an argument about handicaps rather than who flew fast airplanes.” Last weekend was the inaugural run of the Ultimate Challenge Air Race. The race distance was 300 nautical miles with both the start and finish at Rustenberg Airfield located about 40 miles northwest of Johannesburg. Aviators were permitted to use GPS and carry as much fuel as they wished. Each aircraft was given a GPS logger to ensure that the course was followed and timing recorded. The main aim was speed. Frikkie Greefe owner of the winning Mooney Acclaim said, “We were thrilled with the results and plan to be back next year for sure.”

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