Fokker the early history

Early Fokker Years 1911-1919 ‘The early years’ Between 1911 en 1928, Anthony Fokker developed his company to what once was the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world with factories in Europe and America. However, Fokker lost ground when Boeing and Douglas increasingly applied aluminum in their new aircraft instead of wooden structures. In those years, Stork (then Werkspoor) already supplied wood-structured wings to Fokker with over 800 wings being manufactured. Even more interestingly, both Fokker and Stork together with the Netherlands Airforce (then the Dutch Army Corps) developed the first Dutch helicopter under supervision of its designer ir. A.G. van Baumhauer. Recession unfortunately brought a quick end to this project. A similar story applies to Stork’s ‘Jumbo’. In 1927 the KLM gave Stork an order for the construction of a special freight aircraft, named the ‘Jumbo’. The aircraft flew for some time with KLM and was destroyed in the first days of WW II. The heritage of Anthony Fokker started with the ‘Spin’ in 1911. Although the ‘Spin’ was actually designed by Jacob Goedecker, Anthony Fokker further improved and commercialized the aircraft, causing it to be remembered as the first Fokker plane. Later on Fokker developed many successful WW I fighters, particularly the superlative Fokker D.VII and the DR.I, known from the legendary ‘Red Baron’.


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