Green Aviation Site Gives Carbon Market Prices!

You can check the link below the current and historic prices of CO2 on Europe’s biggest exchange, ECX. December 2012 carbon prices ALREADY being traded today and it is important that airlines already recognise that a carbon market exists, as well as the huge potential volatility in market prices. Such volatility could costs airlines literally tens of millions of Euros / Dollars, even hundreds of millions, if they do not prepare for the ETS early enough. We predict that in 2012, as the airlines are required to join the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, it will coincide with an existing forecast shortage of carbon project deliveries in to the market place, accerbated by the lack of credit to finance these projects which need to deliver by 2012. This shortage may more than offset the reduced demand for carbon due to lower industrial production as a consequence of he recession. Put another way, there will be a large imbalance between supply and demand and this shortage of carbon available to buy in the marketplace will, in our opinion, drive up prices to the €30-€50 range in 2012-13 timeframe. Peaks of €34 were already achieved in 2008. Learn more as to how you can prepare at our dedicated page.

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