Sub LSA e-Go is making progress in Britain

File:E-plane side view 1 extended.jpg

Early in 2007, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority announced a new class of aircraft, known clumsily as the Single Seat De-Regulated (SSDR) class. This greatly reduces the paperwork needed to design, build and fly an aircraft, as long as it fulfils certain criteria. Then the PFA (now the LAA) announced a competition for designs in this category, with a class for cheap and easy-to-build, and a class for state-of-the-art. We responded to the challenge by designing a state-of-the-art entry – the e-Go.

We originally entered the PFA (now LAA) competition to have some fun – and to realise our long-held ambitions to design a complete airplane! Once into it, we developed a determination to win… After winning, we got serious about building it, flying it and supplying it to others. Step was to develop the design , which we’ve done using 3D design tools to ensure that it really will fit together, and come out under 115 kg. We’ve done extensive analysis of the design, including a flight simulation using x-plane, wind tunnel testing and computer analyses of the aerodynamics and structure. We’re designing it to LSA and ELA standards. In parallel, we’re testing your reaction to the design. If you have any interest in buying one, go here. Step two is to build and test an experimental version, which we’ve recently started. We hope to get it flying around the end of 2010. Step three will be to turn it into a production aircraft and set up production, support and everything else. If all goes well, we should get into production in early 2011

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