Extra Aircraft 500 AIRCRAFT

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The Extra Aircraft introduces not only a revolutionary competition and business platform but performs on the wings of one of the most efficient and fuel saving aircraft available. The high-performance Extra EA-500 is a single-engine turboprop aircraft built for the highest demands, presenting a pressurized cabin, all-carbon-fiber composite airframe and the powerful Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 engine. The aircraft comes with the most technologically advanced cockpit in general aviation and has surpassed the most stringent FAA and EASA certification requirements. The Extra EA-500 exceeds all current amendment levels and certification safety standards. The Extra 500, a technologically advanced, pressurized, single-engine turboprop aircraft, represents the next generation in aircraft engineering and excellence in the high- performance cabin class. Ingenuity in design, efficiency in operation and luxury in flight highlight the EA-500. Built upon the heritage of the Extra 200/300 series, among the first aircraft to have a certified carbon-fiber wing structure, the EA-500 has an all-carbon fiber composite airframe that is both lighter and stronger than traditional metal structures. The aircraft’s unique high-wing design allows for stability in flight and superior air flow over the wing and fuselage. Extra has widened the operating envelope of traditional business and personal cabin class aircraft to create a modern flying machine that offers pilots considerable time advantages, cost savings and flexibility. The total product package of the Extra 500 – its carbon-fiber design, aerodynamically clean structure and Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 turboprop engine – expertly balances efficiency and performance so that you reach your destination in the least amount of time. The EA-500 was specifically designed around the Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 turboprop engine. Weighing just 205 pounds and with power output of 450 shaft horsepower, the engine effectively powers the lightweight, carbon-fiber airframe of the aircraft. The fusion of power and weight results in lower costs per Mile and per Seat than in any other single-engine turboprop aircraft currently available. In fact, the Extra 500 can travel over 1,600 nm, burning one third less fuel and operating at one-third less cost than its most capable competitor. Combining the fuel-efficient engine with the aircraft’s lightweight design gives the EA-500 the flexibility to operate at different altitudes and range profiles so that pilots can take full advantage of varying wind and weather conditions. The Extra 500 has a Service Ceiling of 25,000 feet, however the selection of the fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engine Extra EA-500 allows the aircraft the option of cruising at lower altitudes without sacrificing fuel consumption. The load-versus-trip length ratios are also excellent. For every 100 pound decrease in payload, the aircraft’s range will extend by 160 nm. In similar circumstances, the nearest competitor can increase its range by only 100 nm and others by only 50 nm or less. The unique keel beam design of the Extra 500 results in a stronger airframe better suited to meet high structural loads providing the passenger compartment additional protection against turbulence and off-airport landings. Extra takes pilot and passenger safety to the next level. The EA-500 has surpassed the most stringent FAA and EASA certification requirements, exceeding all current amendment levels and certification safety standards on the airframe, flight controls and seats without the need for waivers and exemptions. In fact, after being tested to an equivalent of 40,000 flight hours and more than 60,000 landing cycles, the aircraft showed no signs of fatigue. The EA-500 is also the only aircraft in its class that has met the latest dynamic occupant safety requirements, with seats certified to 26 G’s using crash testing. In addition, the aircraft is certified for all-weather operations, including Flight Into Known Icing conditions, and is approved for landing on turf runways. The Extra 500 can clear a fifty foot obstacle off of a 1400 foot runway. With a wingspan just over 38 feet the aircraft can fit into most standard T hangers, something no other turbo prop can do. Efficiency in operation does not come at the expense of comfort. The EA-500’s cockpit features a state-of-the-art the Avidyne Integra II all glass panel avionics system, complete with independent flight instrumentation, EFIS, MFD, traffic advisory systems, airborne weather, engine management and onboard entertainment systems. Cushioned leather seats and conveniences like electric air-conditioning, individual reading lights and ventilation, and stowaway writing tables create a relaxing cabin atmosphere. The high-wing design allows for a generous cabin that accommodates easy entry, space for movement, and increased visibility. Without a floor wing spar, the EA-500’s passenger compartment is similar in size to a King Air C90B. Extra Aircraft has mastered the perfect blend of efficiency, performance, safety and comfort to produce the ultimate experience in flying and an aircraft above and beyond the best in its class. The Extra 500 is certified under EASA. The company is anticipating certification and initial deliveries in the US in late 2010.


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